Sarahah App Gained Popularity Due for Sending Anonymous Messages but Raises Privacy Concerns

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Sarahah app has gained huge popularity in recent days and the Apple App Store has recorded a maximum number of downloads for this app. Many users are still not aware of this app but the rest of them who are above 18 are using it to the maximum extent. The Sarahah App available in the iOS App Store allows users to message any users while hiding their own identity. But this raises privacy concerns.

The Sarahah app is similar to Snapchat and Whisper which will enable users to send an anonymous message to anyone. Although the app may bring a smile to the faces of many users as the anonymous messages from someone may make their day. But on contrary, this app has its disadvantages too. This app was basically meant to receive feedback from friends and colleagues and the meaning of Sarahah is honesty. The app was designed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia.

Sarahah app has a simple and user-friendly interface. At the top, there are three sections one for received messages, sent messages, and favorite messages. At the bottom, there are 4 sections for Messages, Search, Profile and Explore. In order to send anonymous messages, users just need to search their friend’s name using the search bar and click on his profile and leave a message for him.

While leaving the message the users can only send the text message and images cannot be shared. On the receiver’s side, once the message arrives he/she can either block that message or reply to that message and the identity of the sender is hidden.

Although this platform offers a place where users can express their feelings for others, it is, in turn, giving rise to cyberbullying issues. Some recent reports have claimed that many users are taking negative advantage of this app. Although the user can block the messages, the message sent by an anonymous person may hurt their feelings. However, the main motive behind the launch of this app was not to disappoint users but to provide a platform where they can communicate freely.